Une baleine dans les canaux de Bruges

The Bruges Whale by StudioKCA Jason Klimoski
The Bruges Whale by StudioKCA Jason Klimoski

Ane pas râter, elle est visible jusqu’au 16 septembre prochain !

StudioKCA from Brooklyn has made a new sculpture of a huge Whale with plastic from the ocean in Bruges, in Belgium. Through this skyscraper exhibited until the 16th of September 2018, the firm wanted to bring awareness about ocean pollution. 

The ocean is the link between all beings on this blue planet. It allows to breathe, to eat, to live… As citizens of the earth, we have to take care of it. It’s unbelievable to think that parts of the ocean are full of plastic from cities all over the world. In fact, in the middle of the Pacific between LA and Hawaii, an amount of plastic called the seventh continent was discovered in 1997 by Charles Moore.

The Bruges Whale by STUDIOKCA
The Bruges Whale by STUDIOKCA


To face this problem, a New York architecture and design firm has decided to create a project that would raise awareness. StudioKCA, based in Brooklyn, is a group of architects, builders, designers, engineers and artists created in 2013 and led by Jason Klimoski and Lesley Chang. Jason Klimoski explains that « The goal of the firm is to lead environmental projects that make sense and send a message to the world .» For instance, in 2014, StudioKCA realised a cloud made up of 53,780 used plastic bottles in Governor’s Island NYC. This structure represented the number of bottles thrown away by citizens in NYC in just 1 hour. Visitors could go inside it to see how bottles can be recycled and used as a piece of art. 

The construction

In 2018, the City of Bruges chose StudioKCA to create a new piece for the Triennal: a huge whale of twelve meters, made up of five tonnes of plastic from the Pacific. The leader explained that « It took six months to collect the plastic and the same time to fit it together ». To clean up beaches and collect plastic, StudioKCA worked with the NOG: Hawaii wildlife foundation. The weight of the whale is just a minute part of the amount of plastic in the world. So far, 150 tonnes of plastic waste has been counted worldwide. 


Through this skyscraper, the company wanted to make a difference and make people conscious of the level of plastic consumption. As concluded by Jason Klimoski: « We all share the ocean, we use it for various reasons, it connects people from the world (..) If we don’t try to make a change, who is going to make it? The generation before us tried to do it, so we have to make an effort for the next generation. » 

Juliette Henry

Check out the video: https://vimeo.com/269683136

About the author: Juliette Henry lives in France and will begin anthropology studies at La Sorbonne in Paris this year. She is part of CliMates and 4sea and works as a volunteer by writing articles. She loves the environment and wants to be a future spokesman of nature.

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