Une croisière pas comme les autres

The sailing ship Kraken, of the « Wings of the ocean » project

“Wings of the Ocean” is an environment project created by Julien Wosnitza et Sébastien Fau in France. The goal of this initiative is to clean the ocean thanks to a sailing ship traveling all around the world with a crew on board. The beginning of the cruise started on October the 3thrd of 2018. 


 “Every eight minutes, one hundred plastic tones are throwing away in the ocean”

explained Julien W. Plastic became a threat for marine biodiversity since human began to treat ocean as “world garbage can”. As time goes, a new trash continent was born: the 7th continent set between Hawaii and California. Human ecological conscious has begun to move on and it still making changes. 

Wing of Ocean project 

Julien W and Sébastien Fau are among these agents of change for our blue planet. They met each other on board of Sea Shepherd (link) in 2016. They realized that there was too much plastic in the ocean and together they could join theirs forces to make a change. 

In 2017, they began their project by buying a Sailing boat named “Kraken” and creating inside a platform to pick up plastic and bring it on the ground in recycling places. As managers, Sébastien will be the captain of the boat and Julien would be in charge of the communication, partnerships and on head of the project




The crossing

“To help on board, a crew of 12 professional’s marines and 24 people (eco-volunteer and scientific) will make studies, pick up plastic in the sea and by river mouth”

said Sébastient Fau.  

The crossing started in the port in Amsterdam and will end in the Caribbean island of Caimans. Each stop, welcomed new volunteers and conferences and drop off plastic that has been picked in recycling centers. During the crossing, a scientific team will make studies about plastic and other volunteers will collect plastic in the sea but above all in mouth river. Julien explained  :

“We understood that all plastic came from rivers which go in ocean. So, the most interesting for us is going to pick up trashes by river mouth with our catamaran”. 


One of the project of the team is to make a documentary broadcast on Netflix about Wing of the Ocean adventures, broadcast on Netflix, 

As concluded by Julien. W :

“If today, my actions and other’s actions can participate to save both of human and ecosystem life, that will show that you must keep moving for our planet.”

If you want to go on Kraken board and make you part in saving the planet, check out the link: https://www.wingsoftheocean.com

About the author: Juliette Henry lives in France and is studing anthropology studies at La Sorbonne in Paris this year. She is part of CliMates and 4sea and works as a volunteer by writing articles. She loves the environment and wants to be a future spokesman of nature.

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